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ACA individual & family plan enrollment details

Find helpful enrollment resources and learn if you can qualify for coverage outside the Open Enrollment window.


Can I get coverage after Open Enrollment?

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When can you change your health insurance?


Typically, you sign up for a new health plan during open enrollment.


But you may also change your plan under special circumstances called qualifying life events.


Here are common events...


Loss of insurance.


If you lose coverage because you’ve aged out of your parents’ plan, lost your job, or switched your job, you qualify.


Change in household.


If you get married, have a baby, or when the number of people in your family changes, you qualify.


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Can I get coverage after Open Enrollment?

Yes! You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you’ve had a big life change or one coming up. Some examples include losing your health plan or getting married. Or turning 26, when you can’t be on your parent’s health plan anymore.*  These qualifying life events — and others — let you sign up for a health plan outside the ACA Open Enrollment Period.


At risk of losing Medicaid coverage? You have options.

You may qualify for a no or low-cost Aetna CVS Health® plan. You may be able to get a premium tax credit, or subsidy. This can greatly lower your monthly premium or even give you a $0 premium.* To learn more, visit our Medicaid coverage resources.


Making insurance easier
The top insurance terms you’ll want to know

Insurance isn’t all that complicated. It just feels that way at first. Let’s figure it out together. Here are simple definitions for common terms you might see during enrollment. 

Important enrollment dates
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*FOR COVERAGE UNDER A PARENT'S PLAN: A dependent child may continue coverage if the child has a disability or is in school and on a leave of absence.


*FOR $0 PLAN PREMIUM: Exclusions and limitations apply.


*FOR OPEN ENROLLMENT START DATE: In California, Open Enrollment starts November 1 for new customers.


*FOR OPEN ENROLLMENT END DATE: In California and New Jersey, you can enroll through January 31 for coverage on February 1.

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